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Personal Projects

By b2e | January 5, 2015 | 0 Comment

Hey Monster Hands of my City – click here for website

I am working with my longtime friend and creative partner, Michael Meehan, on a movie that is based in San Francisco.Hey Monster!  - The PlotA film adaptation of Michael Meehan’s one-man play (Fringe Festival 2011). A monster/detective comedy with social commentary on corporate greed, civic malfeasance and the evil of meter maids. (Heavily featuring the fine city of San Francisco, its local comedic treasures, and other family members.)
Trailer – click here

Chemistry Cab – click here for website

Another close friend and just so happens to be Michael Meehan’s brother, Howard Meehan, created a speed dating idea, Chemistry Cab, was born.Hey Monster!  - The Plot
We basically bought a used cab, made signage for it and asked a bunch of friends to be involved. The whole production took place in a weeks time. Launched on Valentines day.

I am a songwriter at heart so here is one of them! 😉 “Tell Me About It”