Jeanine and I Beach

I live in San Francisco where I was born and raised with my partner Jeanine who is also a native. I worked for The City and County of San Francisco as a Local 3417 gardener for 13 years where I discovered just how wonderful a place the city was. In the 80’s I discovered computers which lead me into developing video games, working in the broadcast television, and telecommunications industry. I love the cutting edge and live so close I occasionally fall off into obscurity where I am most comfortable.

Question: “how do we love all the children, of all species, for all time.” – William McDonough

Hope: Stop eating animals

My career has spanned the development of interactive digital products in telecommunication. video games, broadcast television, and advertising industries. Over the years I have learned, from the ground up the techniques, technologies, resources, and methodologies that make up digital production as we know them today.

Brian Tuohy Busy BeeI have expert knowledge in interface design and development, advertising strategies, mobile development, analytic implementation, and discovery, cross-platform development, developing video/audio, scriptwriting, editing, motion design, 2d & 3d animation, print production, and most importantly, a fascination with the future technologies and methodologies that will drive users to explore and contribute to broadcast, online, interactive and mobile experiences.

Collaborated with many talented directors, producers, videographers, developers, designers, project managers, content creators, account executives, actors, vendors, and strategists in continually creating holistic, consistent, intuitive, delightful, and interactive experiences across multiple digital platforms.