Director of Innovation, Gannett Division: ABC News10 June 2008 – May 2009

Project managed all aspects of implementing new technologies and products from the parent company to all departments of ABC affiliate News10 including:

  • Discovered and created budgets for new technology and products
  • Initiated strategies for growing on-air, online, SMS, email, and mobile product audiences
  • Created the “Innovation Room” and led weekly training in all vital technologies and strategies
  • Piloted a companywide viral marketing strategy using every employee’s social media skills to push content to new media outlets during the rise of digital social communication
  • Trained the News, Promotions, Sales, IT, Engineering and Business divisions to use the emerging technologies, products and services being implemented throughout the news industry

See for example of the scope of online/mobile

Sales Creative Director, Gannett Division: ABC News10 November 2005 – June 2008

Managed a team of creative producers in the development of online sales related products and services for News10 and News10 clients.

  • Led creative team meetings to share ideas and bring actionable plans to fruition
  • Provided direction and supervision for team of art directors and designers
  • Managed writers, artists, designers and project managers to successfully accomplish daily work and special projects
  • Produced video productions for broadcast, online and mobile.
  • Set department quality standards and directed daily operations
  • Met customer needs and accomplished creative visions by overseeing strategic, focused campaigns
  • Nominated for “Innovator of the Year” for National Gannett Co, Inc. awards