Chemistry Cab - HowardA great friend of mine, Howard Meehan, who was driving a cab for dough-ray-for me, and like Rafael the painter who was once asked what his favorite painting was; he replied ‘the one I’m working on right now. Now I’m no Rafael but I do share his sentiments. And that’s when the idea of doing something in a cab came up. He and I riffed and argued some more. What shook out was the initial idea for episodes and various concepts; finally hatching: seeing San Fran from the point of view of the front and back seat of a taxi-cab. This paradigm opened up a Pandora’s Box of possibilities for us. Over the next couple of months, we continued to stoke the flames.

The moniker ‘Chemistry Cab’ came up. It seemed to stick – so now the baby had a name. Ideas for Episodes started coming fast and furious. After all, Howard did have 16 years of driving for Luxor in SF – with a lot of mind space and notebooks full. In the meantime, Howard was contacted by Matt Stroud from Crash Hat entertainment from La-La land who was shooting a teaser reel for a Reality show called ‘Taxi Boss’. It would be centered around John Lazar CEO of Luxor Cab, his family, and the day-to-day and night shift-to-night shift running of a Taxi-Cab business.

Anywho..they threw Howard in the mix for a couple of days as one of the characters. He was surprised to find how much fun it was! He realized that he’d much rather play a cabbie on TV than continue being one in real life. By now Chemistry Cab had episodes we wanted to shoot. The first one or two to start were called ‘Cab Speed Dating’ and ‘Cab dating’. The former is a 2-minute speed date in the backseat and the latter lasts a normal ride’s length.

This is where I came in to help with production, editing, and creating a website to house all the videos. Pam, my sister, and biz partner from B2e Productions decided to jump on board. Jake, Howard’s son, bought an old orange taxi cab from a friend.


  • Go Pro Cameras
  • Panasonic Cameras
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Vimeo
  • Google Docs
  • After Effects

To make a long story longer now we had a vehicle and the main set for the show. Lucky for us we had two of the best fly by the seat of their pants camera-men/artists in KEVIN ARNOLD & BENTON INSCOE who proved their mettle during the shoot

A special thanks to CHRIS MEEHAN for his help & vision and LISA MARIE SUMMERSCALES for stepping in and hosting our first episode. Great Job!

Our Goal: at The CC was first and foremost to make sure everyone was given the opportunity to bring in their own creativity AND have a lot of fun. From the feedback so far this has been a big thumbs up.

We hope you will have as much fun watching this as we had to make it!!!