I have worked with Gannett Inc. in redeveloping their 22 broadcast websites. From the ground up I worked with teams of designers, developers, news directors, engineers, IT, account executives, and third-party vendors to update all aspects of delivering news and information to millions of on-air and online users.

portfolio-gannettGannett Inc. realized that the way people were digesting media was changing from a passive experience to an active participatory engagement and that they would need to reinvent the way they delivered news and information to their audience. This became a total revamp of every system that they had in place including video delivery, story creation, ad services, social media engagement, mobile development, analytics, SEO, and centralizing the very infrastructure of how content was captured, edited, and delivered. It was a major undertaking that demanded attention to every detail, listening to each department and redeveloping already developed systems to work even better.

I wore many hats in every aspect of this process but the most rewarding was working onsite with each broadcast station teaching the editors, videographers, news anchors, engineers, business office, account executives, promotions how to use these new systems. This was not an easy task since Gannett Broadcast has always been very profitable and old ideas were tried and true. Seeing the relief when the broadcast team realized that these new systems did not hamper them but helped them produce a better richer news and information product.

Gannett Broadcast Sites I was directly responsible for.