Fogset, yes, the show that reminds us of the old variety shows we used to watch through the neighbor’s window until they found out and got curtains, the lousy squats!
Our wives love the show so that’s a good way to get us out of the house. It’s a show you can find lots of different ideas as well as fun segments.

In February 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was fully realized as a reality my old friend and I started a live streaming show, fogset live stream at
Using my experience from working in the broadcast division of Gannett I set up a live stream studio and all the services and systems needed to live stream at optimum quality. I decided to use Vimeo LiveStream Studio to host my live streams, Mimo Live by Boinx software to produce the show, created to house all the videos we created, subscribed to all the necessary social media sites to push shows as they are made available.

Mike and I took over a shed in the back yard of his mother’s house in the Sunset District of San Francisco, added a high-speed internet connection, painted one end of the shed with chromakey green, and started producing a 1/2 hour comedy show every week. Mike and I created a variety of comedy shows from nothing and now have been at it for over a year. There are some good things that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic!


  • Vimeo Livestream
  • NDI Virtual Input
  • mimoLive
  • GoPro Camera
  • Panasonic Camera
  • Photoshop
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects
  • Sonic Gigabit Service
  • WordPress

Michael brings 35 years of stand-up comedy experience to fogset studios and enjoys the rewards of jamming with scores of comedians, acrobats, jugglers, actors and merry people to create fun. Michael wrote and performed with his 2 brothers as the Meehan Brothers for 10 years, creating shows Meehan. Myself and I, and Momma’s Boys, as well as appearing on Last Comic Standing.

Michael has appeared on numerous television shows including, The Late Late Show, The Dennis Miller Show, Comedy Tonight, and A and E’s Comedy on the Road. He has written and directed a comedy Feature film, Hey Monster, Hands off my City, starring many many SF comedians, to enthusiastic reviews, as well as a one-man show of the same name.

Michael also taught flying trapeze at the SF Circus School for 10 years and is an accomplished painter and mask maker.
Oh and he forgot to mention he is my best friend!