Media Director, Ultimation Inc., Petaluma, CA April 1997 – February 2001

First employee hired for video game development company. Games shipped: Silent Hunter II, Destroyer Commander, Harpoon IV and Panzer Commander. Ultimation began as a partnership between two veterans of the entertainment software business, Dave Bringhurst and Troy Heere, both Engineer and Producers, with advanced skills and experience in both Software Engineering and Software Product Management. At its peak, Ultimation had 17 employees, with annual revenue over a million dollars. The team’s diverse skillset included programming, 2D and 3D art, animation, videography, music, and sound effects work.

  • Project management over all aspects of game production
  • Oversaw the development of all 3D assets, 2D interface design, and special effects
  • Directed and engineered all audio and video creation
  • Directed localization into Spanish, German, and French
  • Oversaw the creation of period music for all the games

Producer, Elliott Portwood Productions, Petaluma, CA February 1994 – February 1997

Hired by the creators of “Where in the World is Carmen Santiago” to direct and produce video for various projects in production. Games shipped: Marty the Mouse, Morgan and the Trouble with Cheese, Shuffle Puck II.
My responsibilities grew to incorporate:

    • Managed the creation of the interface design as well as the eight 3D characters and environments.
    • Responsible for all art assets, including SFX and music development
    • Directed and engineered all audio elements, SFX as well as localizing the video games to Spanish, French and German
    • Worked closely with outside vendors.

In addition, I had the pleasure of writing and recording three original songs for “Marty the Mouse”.